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Welcome to Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School! The administration, teachers and staff want you to have an outstanding year of learning and fun. It is up to you to take advantage of these learning opportunities by doing the best job that you can.


We are all here to help you succeed.
This new website has been prepared to help you become acquainted with Booth-Fickett Magnet School and its policies and procedures. We urge you to browse it and use it as a reference throughout the current school year.



Booth-Fickett is a community encompassing diversity, which provides a positive learning environment in order to create life-learners for our global society.


  • Our Values:

  • We at Booth-Fickett value:

  • * 100% focus on being a responsible, organized and successful.

  • * Is on task and on time to all classes.

  • * Addresses faculty and students in a respectful manner.

  • * Helps keep the environment safe, clean and comfortable for everyone.

  • * Accepts that the school grounds is a place to share with everyone.

  • * Uses kind and respectful language when addressing anyone.

  • * Does their part in keeping the school grounds, safe, clean and comfortable for all.


    The Outcomes:
  • We at Booth Fickett expect these

  • outcomes:

  • *  Every student will meet or exceed

  •  academic standards by achieving a C or

  •  a rubric of 3 or better in each content

  •  area.

  • * Every student is on task and focused on

  •  the assignment.

  • * Every student will turn in 100% quality

  •  produced completed homework.


  • - Michael Konrad, Principal










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Need help in Reading in Math and want to Practice from home? Please use this link to get extra help -     SUCCESS MAKER


PTA Meeting           

We are accepting nominations for the 2014 – 2015 Booth-Fickett Falcon Club. Nominations Form              May 14 @ 3pm in the Library


Last Day of School - May 22


Site Council Meeting:         

May 19 4- 6 pm (Library)


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4th Quarter Magnet Challenge: 

Space Module

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