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FalconWelcome to Booth-Fickett
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The administration, teachers and staff want you to have an outstanding year of learning and fun. It is up to you to take advantage of these learning opportunities by doing the best job that you can.

First Day of School August 6th

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2015 Yearbook
Buy Your Yearbook while supplies last! $35 from the Front Office, Mrs. Sinclair, or Yearbook Staff at lunch.

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Advanced Course/Elective Course Descriptions 2015-2016


Donate to Booth-Fickett Seismic Station

Booth-Fickett is raising funds to place a seismic station in the main hallway of the middle school so that all of the students will be aware of the dynamic nature of the Earth.  The school is working with the University of Arizona's Geosciences Department outreach program to engage students in plate tectonics through the implementation of an actual seismic station that will record the Earth's motion in real time.  The data will be available immediately to anyone in the school as well as to IRIS, the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology.  The public can view the incoming as well as recent past data from the Booth-Fickett Seismic Station. 

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