Doolen Middle School


faculty picture

Name Subject Email Website
Ms. Alton Language Arts Ex Ed 7th, 8th  
Ms. Bartz GS LA  
Ms. Bednarek ELD Teacher III
Ms. Bennington-Skay ID Self Contained  
Mr. Conners Social Studies 8th  
Ms. Cornell 6th Language Arts  
Ms. Corsi 7/8 Math  
Mr. Dorame PE  
Ms. Droscha 8th Science  
Mr. Duarte  8th Math Counts  
Ms. Erickson PE  
Ms. Freund Gate SS/LA 6th  
Ms. Gale (Cook) Band  
Ms. Green  Math Lab Core Enrichment/
Science 7th   
Mr. Haley 6th Science GATE/Honors  
Ms. Hall 7th/8th Ex Ed Math/Yearbook  
Ms. Hansleben Ex Ed/ED Self Contained  
Mr. Holiman 8th Math and Algebra  
Ms. Lena ELD  
Mr. Maza Jr. ELD  
Ms. Mitchell ISI  
Mr. Moore Media Art  
Ms. Parris Orchestra Website
Mr. Peel  6th Honors SS/LA  
Ms. Peel 7th/8th LA GATE/Honors  
Mr. Pfister 6 Science  
Mr. Powers 7 SS  
Ms. Reed Gate 7/8 Algebra Website
Ms. Rehder  Spanish  
Ms. Reid 6th GATE Math  
Mr. Sagi 6th Math Edmodo Site
Ms. Saunders ExEd Self Contained  
Mr. Sherry SS 7th/8th GATE and Student Council  
Ms. Smith Ex Ed Dept Chair  
Ms. Tatro PE  
Ms. Taylor Inclusion Specialist  
Ms. Teel 8 Language Arts  
Ms. Tevik 6 Ex Ed  
Ms. Valdez ELD  
Ms. Wilcox AVID   
Mr. Williams 7th Science  
Mr. Yocum 7/8 GATE SC