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Tully Elementary Magnet School

PTO Meeting Minutes

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PTO August Minutes 8/13/12

5:30 PM

Present: Marjorie Nenadich, Bill Nenadich, Roman Soltero, Welday Gezchen, Mary Ann Angulo, Rati Shah, Lucy Wimberly, Norma Trujillo, Michael Trujillo, Katrina Lusteck. Jessie Booker, Clarissa Luna, Pat Hernandez, Teresa Shank. Leo Masursky.

Call to order 5:35

Meeting started with introductions of the PTO Board and SPCP rep. Dr .Soltero then asked everyone to introduce themselves which members did.

Minutes May 2012 minutes were approved.

Officer's reports

a. President Bill Nenadich

chocolate sales- Bill reminded everyone that the “World's Finest Chocolate” sale will start 8/22/12 (and chocolate will be passed out at open house). Participants that sell will receive the following thank you gifts:

Sell 1 box, get a Peter Piper Individual Pizza + prize out of the Tully prize box

Sell 2 boxes and also get a 5.00 DQ gift card

Sell 3 boxes and also get a Tully t-shirt

#1 family will get a 50.00 restaurant gift card.

All sellers will be entered into a raffle for a 15.00 gift card to the location of their choice. #1 seller will also get a 30.00 gift card and get to be the “king” or “queen” of chocolate for 1 day and they will also get a fast food lunch of their choice delivered to them at the cafeteria (we'll even decorate their lunch chair)! The #1 teacher will also get a Tully t-shirt.

Fall Festival- 10/26 More details at a later date

Auction+Movie night- date 3/22 More details at a later date

Bill asked attendees to please sign up passed out sign up sheets for various help that needed throughout the year.

b. Vice President – vacant office

c. Treasurer- Katrina Lusteck Balance 4,598.94. Specific details can be obtained at any time by contacting treasurer.

d . Secretary Marjorie Nenadich

Marjorie discussed that t-shirts would available at open house for 10.00. She passed out example pictures of the new t-shirts.

Information for grocery rebates was discussed. Grocery key cards were passed out. PTO signup slips for new members were passed out. Several new members joined PTO.

4. Principal's report: Dr. Soltero We are a B school again based letter grade. We were a B school also last year. Dr. Soltero met with director of accountability and research David Scott. The data that makes up letter grades for schools is very complex data, but David Scott wants us to focus on the students that are in the “falls far below” category. Per Mr. Scott, this focus is the best way to push the scores up.

We are working on transportation issues. It has been difficult to reach the transportation department this week (and oftentimes they won't even answer their phone). Dr. Soltero recommended that Leo Masursky discuss the transportation issue with SCPC. We have a transportation committee at Tully with several staff members. The staff members have every route that each child takes. We also have every kindergarten, first and second grade student walk to the bus area with a staff member to make sure they get on their bus safely.

Other 1st school week problems included making sure all the rooms have AC and making sure the cafeteria has milk. Everything on the 1st week problem list has already been fixed.

Due to heat/humidity index, kids are mandated by the district to stay inside during lunch time. During these hot lunch breaks, the Tully kids go to either the parent room or library to watch movies.

There is a new part time counselor and a new 3rd grade teacher and a lot of good teachers that have been here a long time at Tully.

Teresa Shank asked about after school cross country, track, folklorico, golf and good news club. Dr. Soltero stated we are the defending cross country champions for TUSD. Theresa asked how parents could start an after school activity. Dr. Soltero stated we would need teacher sponsor 1s to make sure the kids get watched and picked up safely.

5.. SCPC Report: Leo Masursky.

The 1st SCPC meeting 9/17 at 6PM at the Tucson High cafeteria. These meetings are posted on the TUSD website for future time/date reference. Groups break up by grade level. Focus topics are chosen and worked on throughout the year. These focus topics are then brought to the School Board. Last year's topic was curriculum. Dr. Pedicone speaks at the meetings and it is easy to get direct access to the district Superintendent at these meetings. Leo also goes to the monthly school board meetings to speak about technology, bond issues, etc...

6. Unfinished business: none

7. New business

Lucy Wimberly, discussed the upcoming title 1 program. This program is doing parent workshops. On 8/28 through 8/31 and there are different topics each day. Topics are various days include resources, showing parents how to access their child's performance. understanding common core curriculum and discussion with the principal. These meetings are to encourage active parental involvement.

There was some discussion about hot dogs+soda served at open house being unhealthy. Some wondering if we could get juice instead and also if we could get turkey hot dogs instead. Main concern discussed is that Albertson's is giving us free food/drinks and most members didn't think we could ask for specific brands of hot dogs and drinks.

There was some discussion about how to get more PTO involvement. Some discussion that translators needed for Spanish and Somali speakers at open house to request for PTO help. Dr. Soltero said he would do his best to try to get translators. Theresa, Leo, Michael, Welday offered to walk the halls to recruit more PTO members.

8. Announcements

Dr. Soltero invited parents to see the parent room. He wants parents to feel at home in this room. This is where we have our monthly parent coffee and student of the month lunch with the principal. Theresa wanted to explore the possibilities of reinstating the after school program. Dr. Soltero discussed that our deseg budget was cut by 90% (going from 300,000-->30,000) this year. This money funded the after school program. Ms. Esquivel is an instructional specialist that helps 5th graders.. There was some question if PTO could fund tutors. Dr. Soltero didn't think PTO could pay for staff, but he said he'd check into it. He will ask the African American, Native American and Mexican Student Services department if there are any monetary resources for tutoring. He stated it is difficult to move budgets around from supplies to staffing etc...because we are a title 1 school, we need certified teachers at the middle school level or higher to tutor title 1 studentsBill talked about getting real blacktop asphalt track as there's been some people that have expressed a concern about fund raising (ie they don't what they are specifically fund raising for).

Starting September, the Boys and Girls Club will have some changes in their schedule, new hours were passed out.

Rati offered to take the VP position. Unanimously approved.

9. Adjourn 7:03PM