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How do I check my email from home?

If you have Internet access from your computer at home, you can check your TUSD email from your home computer using Outlook’s web interface.

Connect to the Internet through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then follow these directions to access your TUSD email from your home computer.

1.      Open Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use.

2.      In the Address or Location text box, type: https://mail.tusd1.org/exchange and Press ENTER.

3.      The “Security Alert” box will appear, notifying you that you will be viewing pages over a secure connection.  To continue, click OK.

4.      The "Enter Network Password" dialog box will appear.

In the Username text box, type your TUSD Login, with "username" replaced with your TUSD login, i.e. jdoe or “000001”.

5.      In the Password text box, type your TUSD password.

6.      Click Ok.  

Outlook’s web interface will open, allowing you to access your TUSD email.

If you have problems accessing your TUSD email, call Lindy or Reina or the TTS Help Desk at 225-6333.