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Welcome to Ms. Blea's home page!



Supply list:

- Journal (college-ruled spiral notebook versus a composition notebook and of fewer than 120 pages - see Rules link for specifics) - usually on sale for about a quarter at Wal-mart before school starts

- black or dark blue ink pens

- notebook

Suggested items:

- mini stapler

- flash drive

- highlighters (yellow, pink, and green)


Books you may want to buy for the year

n  Sophomore Honors:

Fahrenheit 451, Tooth and Nail: An SAT Prep book, Folger's edition of Othello

n  Sophomore (regular):

The Pigman, Folger's edition of Othello, Night


Wish list:

- pens with colored ink (other than black or navy blue)

Ink pads (colored)

- notecards

- college-ruled notebook paper

- pencil sharpener for the room

- books: Othello (Folger's edition)


Upcoming Dates:



Nov. 11 = Veteran's Day - No school


Make-up days are Tuesday before school unless notified otherwise


Reminder: Have your ID displayed at all times!  PLEASE remember that your school IDs must be appropriately displayed at all times (not attached to backpacks, in wallets/purses, etc.) or you will receive a Lunch Detention.

 Honors Sophomores:

Nov. 3 = IRA journal #4 due


Nov. 6 = TN 4-5


Nov. 10 = WP final revision due


Nov. 13 = TN 6-8


Nov. 23 = IRA essay due/ F451 I-II quiz


Nov. 25 = F451 II-III.6 quiz



Nov. 12 = WP final revision due


Nov. 13 = CW 13


Nov. 20 = CW 14


Nov. 24 = Pigman 1-10 quiz


Nov. 25 = IRA essay due for extra credit


Nov. 30= IRA essay due


Dec. 3 = Pigman Writing assignment #1



Due to increased school security, I want to reiterate the standard procedures for visiting a teacher at Sabino:

1 - Make an appointment

2 - always enter campus via the south gate, by the marquee.

3 stop and identify yourself to the campus monitor at the gate

4 park in the administrative parking lot

5 sign in at the Attendance office for a visitor badge. You will need a picture ID.  If you scheduled the conference before 7:00 A.M.,  check in at the Saber office for a visitor badge.


 Happy Birthday!

Nov. 13 = Ruben

Nov. 14 = Gabriella Buonavolonta

Nov. 17 = Emma Floerchinger

Nov. 18 = Maggie and Bebe Oliver and Sam Ortiz and Adan

Nov. 21 = Cade Jones

Nov. 23 = Allison Freer

Nov. 25 = Michael Strey

Nov. 26 = Maddi Mariani

Ms. Blea's wish list:

- Shakespearean props:  reclining lawn chair, plastic cups

- DVDs =   Dead Poets Society

-  Yoda poster "Do or do not. . ."

- Movie posters for classroom novels (like Murder on the Orient Express, The Great Gatsby, or Shakespearean plays)

- Coke Zero (cherry Coke Zero is okay too)

- Black cherry Mio, movie passes, Bookman's and movie gift certificates







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Email Ms. Blea at deanne.blea@tusd1.org (type the address as the link seems faulty and Ms. Blea cannot fix it) with questions and/or comments. Please beware that Ms. Blea does not have access to this address while she is not on school grounds.  
Last Update November 25, 2015