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Gridley Middle School values each student's potential to achieve.  Our Highly Qualified teachers are committed to meeting the needs of our middle school students.  We are a top performing school as evidenced by our AIMS test results, Parent Satisfaction ratings and Welcoming School Climate. The staff at Gridley believes in the teaming concept because it enhances communication and curriculum integration while preventing students from "falling through the cracks". We offer Honors classes in all of our core subjects including Algebra for 8th grade students.  We also have an exceptional Fine Arts program offering Band, Guitar and Orchestra and Drama at all grade levels.  We have a number of after school programs including greenhouse, garden and chicken coop club, interscholastic sports program, book club and chess club.  Raytheon has partnered with us to offer our Virtual Reality computer class. Gridley's innovation will continue to have our students leading the district!


The new school year starts August 6, 2015.
In order for your child to receive transportation
on the first day of school,

register your child
at his or her school prior to May 15.
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Thank You All

Saturday night [March 7] at Costco was fun filled nights of shopping that not only showcase our guitar program and student council but supplied Gridley with 38 boxes of paper.  This saved our school about $720.00.  We also filled our donation box twice, an estimate of  $1000.  Thank you for all the parents, students, teachers and staff member that were so generous.  You all make a big difference for Gridley Middle School.  Thank you to Costco for hosting this event and our fantastic PSTA members for all the work they put into heading this up, putting together wish list for teachers and being there to unload everything Saturday night back at school.   -  David Davies, Principal, Gridley Middle School

Didn't Order a Yearbook - There are extras available

Check in the Gridley Office for Details


NOTICE --> Fundraising Coupon Books --> Sample Coupon Books Used in Fundraiser Must be Returned ASAP or There Will Be a $20 Fee Charge

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A new communication system  to ensure families get accurate and important information in a timely manner.

 TUSD will use Parent Link to communicate by email, phone and text (as authorized.)

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Up Coming Events at Gridley


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Girls and Boys Track 1st in Divisional. 

Girls 1st in City.  Boys 2nd in City. 

Gridley Track Team awarded

City Championship

300+ Points

Go Grizzlies



May 4 - May 21

No more  "Lunch Charges" allowed



May 21

Last Day of School

8th Grade Graduation - Promotion Ceremonies 830am-1030am

at Pantano Christian Church



Ongoing Events


Grizzly Book Worms

Gridley's Book Club

Open to All Grades

Meetings Thursday After School

3:30pm - 4:30pm



Homework Help Fridays

In the Library

3:30PM - 4:30 PM


Spanish Tutoring

Before School at 745am

After School until 430pm

Room 20


Boys Basketball Team for Reaching the Quarter Finals
Girls Volleyball Team
Undefeated and City Champions
Boys Basketball, 4th in City




Boys Volleyball - City Champions

 Girls Basketball - Placed 2nd in the City


Boys and Girls Soccer -  City Champions

Boys Win  Feb 24: Score-  4 to 1

Girls Win Feb 24: Score-  4 to 0


Go Grizzlies



Click Here for Sports Schedule Revised as of Jan 9






Our instruction includes a focus on Systems Thinking habits and tools which immerse our students in classrooms rich in relevant problem solving, interdisciplinary connections, and thought-provoking dialogue. A Systems Thinking learning environment is motivating and engaging for even the most reluctant learner.  Teachers report that the visual nature of the Systems Thinking tools enables students to organize and express their thinking more clearly.  The tools help motivate those students who tend to be hesitant to fully engage in learning activities. (See more benefits listed below)

 We believe that "Success is the Only Option" and that Gridley is the only middle school that has those positive relationships needed to make that happen! 









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Benefits of Systems Thinking in K-12 Education


Benefits to Students

  • Improves ability to connect learning to real-world situations.
  • Develops a framework for solving complex problems.
  • Enhances the communication of ideas for students with reading and writing challenges through the visual nature of the tools.
  • Creates awareness and consideration of short-term, long-term, and unintended consequences.
  • Enables more thoughtfulness in negotiating life choices.
  • Increases motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Facilitates English language learners communication of their thinking and understanding through the visual, non-linguistic nature of the tools.


Benefits to Teachers

  • Increases student engagement.
  • Fosters a learner-centered environment.
  • Facilitates the integration of rigorous thinking in instruction which is a key to achieving proficiency.
  • Enhances an educational environment that is cooperative, interdisciplinary, and relevant.
  • Correlates to 21st Century Skills, STEM goals, and Common Core Standards.
  • Provides structure for social and emotional development leading to a decrease in disciplinary problems.  


Benefits to Administrators

  • Enhances organizational capacity to deal with complex problems in an open, honest and meaningful way.
  • Provides a common language and a set of tools that facilitate collaborative problem-solving
  • Helps determine high-leverage actions and solutions to problems

    Increases student engagement that positively impacts attendance and graduation rates.


Benefits to Community


  • Systems Thinking in a school system will develop citizens who:
    • approach civic problems from a holistic view, not a reactionary one. o   understand that they are part of the community (system) and as such have an effect on the success of the community.
    • are able to analyze their personal situations in a framework that is empowering- leading to increased personal responsibility.
  • Systems Thinking in a school system will develop civic leaders who:
    •  have the ability to communicate ideas in a framework that the community understands and can contribute to the community.







Classes start at 8:30 a.m.

School dismisses at 3:30 p.m. 

(On Wed, school dismisses at 2:30 p.m.)


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