Picture of Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillmore


by Anisa Elias

Millard Fillmore was the thirteenth president of the United States of America. Fillmore was in office from the year 1850 to 1853. Millard Fillmore was born in the year 1800. He lived in upstate New York. He was the second child of nine children. He was the eldest son in the family. Fillmore’s parents were Nathaniel and Phoebe Millard Fillmore.

His parents moved from Vermont to New York many years before Fillmore’s birth. After Fillmore got to get older he did chores on his fathers farm, worked as an apprentice in the clothier’s trade, and attended local schools irregularly until the age of seven-teen. In Fillmore’s house the only books were a bible, an almanac, and a hymnbook. Fillmore found the ability to educate himself with the help of a village teacher by the name of Abigail Powers.

When Fillmore was nine-teen, he begun to study law with Judge Walter Wood of Cayuga County. Fillmore supported himself by teaching school. When the Fillmore family moved to East Aurora, Fillmore continued his study in law and his teaching. In the year 1823, Fillmore opened a law office.

Three years later Fillmore married Abigail Powers. The couple had two children together. Their names were Mary Abigail and Millard Powers. In their early years of marriage, Mrs. Fillmore helped Fillmore financial wise by teaching school. In 1826, an incident occurred in western New York when Fillmore was set on the road to presidency. Later that year Fillmore began to earn respect and popularity of many people. People admired his good books, careful speech and dress, temperate habits, and his professional ethics.

Millard Fillmore’s major accomplishments were being elected state legislature and was elected to the House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States. Fillmore and another gentleman compromised on the slavery issue between the North and South.

President Millard Fillmore was unique from all other presidents because of the kind of person he was. He started off being in and out of school, working in and out of jobs, and was practically educated on his own.

Fillmore turned over his presidency office to Pierce in 1853. Less than a month later Fillmore’s wife passed away. Later the former president went back to his home town in Buffalo. In 1858, Fillmore remarried. His newlywed was named Mrs. Caroline C. McIntosh. She was from Albany, New York. Fillmore continued studying law practices. Between times Fillmore took two trips to Europe. In 1874, Fillmore passed away.

Thanks to the help of the thirteenth president, President Millard Fillmore, our country is such a great success. With all the power, strength, and glory that this man put into this country, we are one in a million. Many people look at this man as a role model, as a hero. In the eyes of a four-teen-year-old-girl, I can say that he is a man of great patience. President Millard Fillmore was a man of great honors. He accomplished many dreams and many goals. Fillmore will never be forgotten, not only because he was a president, but because he was such a great success.

Millard Fillmore




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