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School CouncilWhat is a School Council?

bulletA representative body of stakeholders working together to make decisions
bulletfor the school, to improve student achievement.

Membership of the School Council as required by state statue (ARS 15-351):

bulletTeachers *
bulletNon-Certified Employees
bulletCommunity Members
bulletStudents (Required at the High School Level)
bulletParents of Students at the School. Parents cannot be school district employees
bulletSite Administrators

* Number of teachers and parents must be equal and constitute a majority of the school council.

The school council shall reflect the ethnic composition of the local community.

What is the function of the School Council?    

bulletRepresentative body of stakeholders at a school site.

bulletCollaborative decision-making body working together to improve student performance.

bulletInformed body which ensures that federal and state law, district and school policies are implemented.

bulletProactive body which utilizes school data to improve student performance, forms committees and task forces, and researches, develops, and implements site specific proposals, innovations and policies such as MAP.

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How are Members Selected?

Initial Membership Selection

bulletInitial representatives shall be selected at public meetings held at the school site. (ARS 15-351-4)
bulletThe current team may be the initial school council if:
bulletThe number of teachers and parents is equal and constitutes a majority of the council.
bulletThe council membership reflects the ethnic composition of the local community.
bulletThe council membership was selected by their membership groups.

Subsequent Membership Selection

bulletOnce the Constitution/Bylaws are developed and ratified, the representatives for the subsequent school council shall be selected by their membership groups, according to the Constitution/Bylaws. The initial representatives are NOT precluded from being on the subsequent school council.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers:


What are some functions for the School Council?


School Council is a body of stakeholders at the school site who work together and make decisions to improve student performance.


School Councils utilize school data to improve student performance, form committees and task forces, research, develop, and implement site specific proposals, innovations and policies such as MAP.

How often should meetings be held?


The initial school council meets at least 4 times each year.

When does the School Council deal with the budget?


The School Council is involved with the school budget when it has successfully progressed to Phase III of the SDM process.

What is the reason for parents and teachers being represented equally on the School Council?


State law requires that there must be equal number of parents and teachers and that they constitute a majority of the council. Equity provides parents and teachers the opportunity to retain a strong voice on the School Council.

How are members selected?


State law and Board Policy requires that representative groups shall select representatives (members). In other words, parents select parents, teachers select teachers, etc. The selection process should be delineated in the Constitution/By-Laws at each site.

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