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GAPP Exchange


Giselle Britt and Megan Lynn


Exchange students from Lindlar, Germany, a small town just south of Cologne, visited Rincon University High School from March 17th to April 5th. They lived with families of students over this two and a half week period. GAPP, the German American Partnership Program, requires that the students complete a project during this exchange period. This year’s project was a spin-off of the popular YouTube series The Jim and Alex Show, where a German and American discuss the various differences and similarities between Germany and America. The German and American students worked together to film video segments which were eventually compiled into a longer film comparing the two nations. During this exchange, the German and American students did many typical Arizona things, but most notably, the students traveled to the Grand Canyon. There the Germans were immersed in beautiful desert landscape, which is quite different compared to their lush greenery. Most students ventured all the way down to Plateau Point, where they got to see the Colorado River from a scenic overlook. Other group activities included a beautiful sunset hike in Sabino Canyon, many potlucks where the Germans were spoiled with American goodies, an exciting trip to the Desert Museum and a wild evening spent at Get Air. Students on both end of the exchange improved their language skills, gained cultural knowledge and made lifelong friendships.


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