Teachers and Staff

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Theresa Leal-Holmes Principal  
Ron Beaton Assistant Principal  


6th Grade

TBA Science  
Borders, Vicki Resource  
TBA Math
Greer, Michael Social Studies


Wilson, Angela Language Arts  

8th Grade

TBA Math & Math Interventions (6-8)  
Crouch, Mollie Science Study Conference: 8:25-8:45 (M-F)
TBA Language Arts  
Gonzales, April Math website
Williams, Susan Social Studies website
Geurts, Richard Resource  

8th G8th 7th GradeGraderade

Freed, Jason Math
Glass, Judith Science Study Conference: 8:20-8:45  (Mon. Tues, Thurs., Fri.)
Johnson-Marlow, Jennifer Resource
TBA Language Arts  
Valdez-Rogers, Silvia Social Studies Study Conference: 8:25-8:50 (M-Thurs.)

6th Grade

Gaither, Lori Math/ScienceLabs                           website
Luciano, Jane Social Studies/Language Arts website

7th and 8th Grades

Mitchell, Gale Language Arts/Economics website
Crawford, Margaret "Betsy" Math website
Gershweir, Anne Social Studies/NHD 7th grade website  8th grade website
Grijalva, Denise Science/Forensics  
Stensel, Jacquline Social Studies/Art History website

Inspired to Continue my Education

Wilson-Bard, Verdella    

ExEd, Physical Education, Band & Orchestra, Core Enrichment

Eric Ashby Physical Education website                                        
TBA Physical Education                                                                                                                                                   
David Cleaver ASD website
Mary Sahlberg ASD Teacher's Assistant  
Kathy Stone ASD Teacher's Assistant  
Bernadette Tanner ASD Teacher's Assistant  
April Gonzalez EDSC  
Luz Briede EDSC Teacher's Assistant  
Jackie Bryant EDSC Teacher's Assistant  
Marsha Willey ELD  
Tina Alessi MD  
Kari Grant MD Teacher's Assistant  
Patrick Kelly MD Teacher's Assistant  
Linda Larson MD Teacher's Assistant  
Eleazar Otiocha MD Teacher's Assistant  
Diana West Acuna Band Study Conference: 8:25am-8:45am M-F (unless door is locked)
Dr. Alex Shawn Orchestra  
Ruth Parker Math Coach  
Daniel Pfund Math Inclusion  
Gwenn Ryan Core Enrichment  
Norman Leslie Native American Studies/ Core Plus  


Karen Logay Counselor  
Lisa Goldberg Psychologist  
Brenda Reeves Social Worker  
Lisa McCallion Office Manager  
Julie Mejia Learning Service Coordinator  
Karen Hoegger Attendance Clerk/Registrar  
Norma Garcia Clerk Typist  
Carmen Greer Health Clerk  
Celina Ruiz Nurse  
Cecilia Lopez Monitor  
Tony Pickett Custodian  
Alfonso Rivera Custodian  
Ray Borquez Custodian  
Carlos Meneses Grounds Maintenance  
Frank Jents Library Assistant  
James Kennedy Food Services Manager  
Bronwyn Turner Food Service Worker  
Patti Moore Food Service Worker  


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